Inspection of Sewers

Inspection of Sewers

Reviewing drains is a very necessary thing lately. This is because winters are still stiffer and traffic on the roads grows. The highest quality services in this field are performed by TVS-Centrum Praha, which, during its existence, have received many satisfied customers throughout our country.
Inspection of Sewers

We perform our services as best as possible. This makes us very popular and popular among people. We will come to you anywhere in the Czech Republic and we will take our work as quickly and reliably as possible. Our inspection of drains is carried out with the help of the most modern devices.
Saves you a little money

The big advantage that the sewer review provides is that it can save you a lot of money for repairing it if it is damaged.

Have you seen our living walls and kits

A new living room or just want to fill a certain place, living walls and assemblies are in one. Choose individual tables or chest of drawers and see a complete lineup of cabinets of different sizes and shapes in the same design that you build according to your own layout.

Your style is a priority living wall and the kits are generally at the top level regarding materials. The style difference is also a matter of finance. Classic and lifelong massif, as well as the luxury of moderns from noble natural materials. In contrast, the design is trendy, young and variable.
Meaningful disposition

From the assortment you choose, simply have the living walls and the kits divide into individual elements by comparing the available rooms, add colors. Take the opportunity to consult the designer about the location of media technology or the right angles of illumination. We will enter into your options.

Mácha Lake

Would you like to relax somewhere before the main big summer holiday comes? You can choose a weekend stay in some pleasant environment. Recreation areas and rented chalets can be crowded. Have you ever been in the area of Mácha Lake? Magical nature with lots of options not only accommodation, but also activities of all kinds.
Mácha Lake attracts domestic and foreign tourists. The possibilities of excursions and hiking trails are a plethora. Only morning walks through the pine forest around the lake are an amazing remedy for stress and labor congestion.
Accommodation with Halfboard
If you are interested in spending some nice moments and look around the region, which you have not yet explored, you can stay. Cottages, chalets, chalets, holiday complexes around the lake invite you to use half board or full board for your stay. Do not expect anything and leave for the experience, Mácha Lake is a good choice.

Mácha Lake Chalets

So don't hesitate to visit Mácha's Lake huts

Do you like to drive friends or family around the Czech Republic? And have you been to the lake of Mácha? If not yet, do not hesitate to visit Mácha's Lake huts and surely you will be pleasantly surprised. Both the amenities of the complex and the possibilities of sporting or cultural activities in the vicinity.
Mácha Lake Chalets

In the Mácha Lake area you will find restaurants with a dining room where you can eat during your entire stay. If you want to play table tennis or volleyball is not a problem. Right in the area of Mácha Lake Chalets We offer you this option. You can also play tennis or mini golf in the vicinity.
Crystal Clear Lake

The Clear Lake is only found in the Czech Republic and it is Mácha Lake. Check our website and book your stay with us.

Shelves in shelves can ensure order

Shop to equip new

Dear customers, if you intend your new company, warehouse, shop to equip new ones have just come across a company that will deliver these in the best quality form in our market.

Our offer is very wide and products really good quality. In the end, you will best convince yourself by visiting our website and buying with us. Before you go through us, of course, rigorous trials and tests, so your certainty that you will receive only the highest quality products and your satisfaction to the fullest extent possible is a completely clear thing.
Surprise yourself-Buy the racks!

Often, of course, it is not only the shelves themselves, but they need to be retrofitted with different kinds of accessories, which of course also in our offer. We are happy to meet all your needs and requirements.

Are you also looking for the best way to keep things tidy?


Are you arranging, repairing or anything else in stock, and would you throw new racks? The offer is the same everywhere and you are looking for something extra, something really worth using? So you've just found a solution because we offer you the top of the best warehouse equipment.

Racks from us are characterized by high quality, together with a safe and stable fit, which makes our products great assistants in warehouses, where these helpers are most needed. You can arrange a great warehouse in which the quality racks will be.
Low prices, high quality

And just if you are looking for something that will be great in your warehouse and cover all your needs, believe that you will find it right here. We offer the best you can wish for your warehouses, so be sure to pay for your purchase.

Your attic-Our roof windows

Roof windows

High-quality skylights may not always be expensive, we strive to provide you with the best and most modern windows at great prices that will be available to all. Quality may not always be overly expensive, you can convince us.

Window warranty

We are convinced of the qualities that our roof windows can offer you, and for this simple reason we provide a ten-year warranty on the roof windows of our offer. See the qualities of our windows and you, on your own skin.

You want to sell something try Us

Are you looking for a reliable, well-arranged and especially really much-visited bazaar where you could sell or buy the things you're interested in?
Whether you want to request or offer, our Bazaar will help you and not a few. We pride ourselves on the fact that everything is very neatly sorted. Furthermore, we base ourselves on the fact that we have all the categories that you can think of and which you may need. And last but not least, we are proud to make an advertisement or to answer it, it is very simple, easy.

If you are not sure how to enter the advertisement, how the Bazaar works and so on, try our help, which we offer you right in the header of our website. You'll find answers on how to add an ad or business, how to register, sign in to your account, and why you should do it.

On our website you can familiarize yourself with a preparation for menopausal women

Feeling tired and stressed out lately? Do you often have depression and don't know why? Do you change your mood at a dizzyed pace, when you have a good mood, and in a second you want to cry or are you upset? Again gratuitously? And aren't they symptoms of menopause? If so, Menox 45 will not allow you to beat you!

Menox 45 is a novelty imported from the USA, which will make your life much more enjoyable when you are troubled by menopause and all of its undesirable manifestations. Whether it's headache, depression, stress, moodiness, insomnia, sweating at night, hot flushes, changing your weight or even your libido, Menox 45 can help you with everything!

Sex life

Has your menstrual period expired and you have definitively been in control of the menopause? Don't worry! Order Menox 45 and turn to the menopause! In addition, Menox 45 will boost your libido and return your sexual appetite.

Sheet Metal Wardrobes

Sheet Metal Wardrobes

Choose the most typical and best-selling type of sheet metal wardrobe, and it is available in a lot of colourful designs.

Sheet Metal Wardrobes

The sheet metal cabinets offered by us on the PLINP are available with a cylindrical lock or with a swivel lock. You can also choose from the ventilation openings that are located in the door. Do you need a smaller two-piece or better three-piece? You can also find both in our great offer and as a bonus you will get free shipping and shipping immediately thanks to the fact that we have most of the goods in stock. Choose for our comprehensive offer and you will not regret it.

Infolinka for all

For our customers, current and future, we have a free infoline, which is prepared by our reliable staff who are willing to advise and help with anything. Do not hesitate to contact them if you do not know the advice of choosing, for example, metal wardrobe.