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How can you tell if your Home is Termite Infested?

Termites can be destructive in your home. You should, therefore, be able to tell if your home is infested by termites. In most home structures that is where termites live. Termites grow in colonies and can cause immeasurable damage to your wood. They can eat large amounts of wood daily depending on the colony size. There are termites that thrive in moist and warm climates to breed. You can read more, and know how to stop any further damage by detecting early enough for any signs that you have been attacked by termites.

Your home is termite infested if your walls produce that soft clicking sound. When you hear that sound, you should know that the worker termites are being alerted of oncoming danger read more. You can hear when worker termites are eating the wood. It is possible to hear the chowing of the wood you keenly listen. In case of vibrating noises, soldier termites alert worker termites by banging their head on the wood. Termites are sensitive fast and loud music, not to mention they react to rock music. It is possible to know if your home is termite infested if there is amplifying of the clicking sound meaning they are reacting to the music.

Alates and swarmers are the flying termites. They are termites which have detached from colonies to get mating partners, read more. If you don’t see swarmers, it means that there are flying termites drawn to the bright lights. The lights dehydrate them, and they also shed their wings by dawn. Discarded termite wings are a sign that you have termites in your home. After termites mate they shed off wings, additionally, mating is a sign of a new colony. The number of termites that dies cannot match the eggs they will have laid.
You can confirm if you have termites in your home if you see mud tunnels the size of a pencil width. Food is taken to the termite nests through these mud tunnels. Different types of termites use their droppings to make these mud tunnels. Termites feed from the inside of wood, so they cause the wood to be hollow. It is a loss and expensive too because due to structural integrity the wood must be replaced read more.

If you notice tightness on the doors and windows. The door and windows could have absorbed moisture. It could also mean that the doors are termite infested. As termites eat on wood, they release moisture. To learn about how your wood can be protected from termites, read more. No home owner should do the job of removing termites on their own as it can get out of hand. Termite professionals can help you to remove termites in your home if you notice any of the above signs.

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