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Today, almost all sectors have embraced the rising technologies. One of the sectors that is benefiting from the rising technology and internet accessibility is the transport sector. Especially, for riders, things are now more convenient. This is because location-based apps make it possible to hire a private driver anytime you want a ride. For riders, Uber is on-demand due to the convenience it offers.

Basically, Uber is a safe, inexpensive, and convenient taxi service. You just need to tap on your smartphone to hire a private driver who will pick you up from your location and take you where you want to go. A nearby driver arrives within minutes. The good thing is that you can see as the driver comes to your location.

When you have a private car, you can apply to be an Uber driver. You, as well as your car, must be qualified to drive for Uber. If you meet Uber requirements, you become your own boss driving for Uber. You just need to set the hours you will be available and start earning wages right in your car. You will also enjoy meeting tons of new people.

There are, however, Uber driver requirements in order for you to qualify as an Uber driver. The process is also easy and similar to that of Lyft driver requirements. Some requirements are distinct for Uber. A driver must be aged 21 or more with a driving record of 1 or more years. Drivers aged 23 years or less should have a driving record of 3 years.

If applying for UberX, your criminal record for the past 7 years must be clean and also 3 years of clean driving record. When applying for Uber Black there are more stringent filters. A clean criminal record ensures that passengers are safe. When the driver appears in State or the National Sex Offender Registry, such a driver is usually disqualified.

At the same time, convictions of certain offenses in the last 7 years will also result in disqualification. Such offenses include DUI or any drug-related driving convictions, fraud, hit and runs, reckless driving, acts of terror and violent crimes such as assault and homicide. Other offenses that cause disqualification upon conviction include sexual offenses, fatal accidents, sexual offenses, and crimes relating to property damage.

However, if you qualify to drive for Uber but your car doesn’t or you don’t have a car, you can still drive for UberX by renting a car.

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