Have you noticed?

We all go shopping in markets and hypermarkets and sometimes we need to find a seller, if you want to explain something about a product that you would like to buy, or simply just can't find it. It has become a good habit for sellers and market employees to be distinguished from shoppers. Have you noticed how? Well, yes. These huge companies use a service that is called T-shirt printing. The employees have the same colour with the market logo and some still add to the back of the sentence whose content is directed to us – shoppers.
This is a common thing
It's nice because it's nespleteme and we don't start asking another Shopman, whom we mistakenly approached in thinking he's an employee of the market. But it doesn't just have to be a big chain of business, because we are part of a company that provides us with work clothing with the company logo for which we work. It is such a common thing that it is already slowly becoming part of our not only working life.