How to

Everyone is a champion in something else. Someone can play golf perfectly, another compose poems and paint, someone is the king of all parties and it does not do much good to another. Even women are different. Some know how to guys, others don't even know how to impress a man when you want. Everyone has to fight it alone. Some women have a charm that will immediately ascend to the surface. Others take longer to show what they are. There's something nice and magical about every woman, so don't worry about the vinegar.
For fun
Once in a while, you need to blow out of the hoof. We all need to turn off, have fun. We are happy to experience new experiences, we are familiar with new people. You never know who awaits you around the corner and who you love. Therefore, it does not pay to walk untreated and unwashed. You never know what will happen to you and when you are just about to meet your lifelong love.