On our website you can familiarize yourself with a preparation for menopausal women

Feeling tired and stressed out lately? Do you often have depression and don't know why? Do you change your mood at a dizzyed pace, when you have a good mood, and in a second you want to cry or are you upset? Again gratuitously? And aren't they symptoms of menopause? If so, Menox 45 will not allow you to beat you!

Menox 45 is a novelty imported from the USA, which will make your life much more enjoyable when you are troubled by menopause and all of its undesirable manifestations. Whether it's headache, depression, stress, moodiness, insomnia, sweating at night, hot flushes, changing your weight or even your libido, Menox 45 can help you with everything!

Sex life

Has your menstrual period expired and you have definitively been in control of the menopause? Don't worry! Order Menox 45 and turn to the menopause! In addition, Menox 45 will boost your libido and return your sexual appetite.