Sheet Metal Wardrobes

Sheet Metal Wardrobes

Choose the most typical and best-selling type of sheet metal wardrobe, and it is available in a lot of colourful designs.

Sheet Metal Wardrobes

The sheet metal cabinets offered by us on the PLINP are available with a cylindrical lock or with a swivel lock. You can also choose from the ventilation openings that are located in the door. Do you need a smaller two-piece or better three-piece? You can also find both in our great offer and as a bonus you will get free shipping and shipping immediately thanks to the fact that we have most of the goods in stock. Choose for our comprehensive offer and you will not regret it.

Infolinka for all

For our customers, current and future, we have a free infoline, which is prepared by our reliable staff who are willing to advise and help with anything. Do not hesitate to contact them if you do not know the advice of choosing, for example, metal wardrobe.


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