You may have read a lot about what a woman has to do in the Climacterium, but, as the period becomes, you might not have guessed

During the Climacteria, many physical changes occur in the woman's body. But all of these changes, though not dramatic, affect the mental mood of every woman. Depressions, mood swings, crying, and, depending on this, the body quickly gets tired. It is no exception that these women experience anger. Not only does it suffer from women, but it also suffers from the surroundings. Women in this period lose their ability to perfect concentration and gradually diminish their memory.
What else?
The overall health of a woman also has an impact that is beginning to be irregular sleep. On the basis of this, women suffer from anxiety, they are irritable and their behavior is driven away by relatives, acquaintances and friends, which in turn gets into a vicious circle, because it makes them worse. The women then feel isolated, lonely and the circle closes. Of course, besides over-the-counter drugs already offers medicine and hormonal therapy.